We are a Mexican company committed to a
healthy world

Every day, around 40 beauty, personal care and cleaning items are used in a home and put you and your family in contact with hundreds of toxic ingredients. At Kuxtal we want to eliminate from your life everything that harms you or can make you sick, using the power of plants and nature enhanced with the latest technology to achieve safe, natural products that REALLY do work.

Kuxtal means WELLNESS in Mayan language

Hi, I’m April and I present this brand created for you and your family

Our story begins when I was looking to take care of my daughters’ extremely delicate skin. I tried many products without results, with harmful and unpronounceable ingredients, until I ended up experimenting with homemade formulas based on natural ingredients, whose origin is traditional Mexican herbal medicine.

Life accommodates itself and with the talent of extraordinary professionals we manage to unite the ancestral knowledge of herbalism with the latest technology and in a sustainable way.

What is Kuxtal?

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